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Shoura Member Suggests Jury Mechanism in Judicial System

A member of the Shoura Council, Dr. Faisal Al-Fadel, recommends the committee adopt the jury mechanism in the Saudi judicial system, which is prevalent in several countries.

He noted that the global ranking of Saudi Arabia in the indices related to the justice system is not in line with the Kingdom’s ambitions and goals of Vision 2030.

According to the annual report of the Ministry of Justice, the ministry set several strategic goals and directives to develop the judicial sectors and facilitate judicial services for beneficiaries.

The ministry has approved a total of 37 strategic initiatives, of which 17 are new.

Most new initiatives are under implementation. However, the two completed initiatives are the initiative to highlight the advantages of the Saudi judiciary and promote the culture of justice, and the initiative to upgrade the Kingdom’s global classification.

Al-Fadel said that the ministry excelled when it recently launched the International Judicial Indices and Reports Observatory, which works on international indices and reports.

“The observatory aimed at implementing the recommendations of the World Bank, which will contribute to growing the rating, and thus reflected through attracting foreign investments to individuals and companies so that the observatory can perform its roles effectively,” he said.

Al-Fadel suggested that the ministry could use the National Competitiveness Center, which plays a vital and supporting role for all the parties concerned and aims to boost the competitive environment in the Kingdom.

“The center also works to enhance the Kingdom’s ranking in relevant global indices and reports by studying, identifying, and analyzing barriers and challenges, suggesting solutions, initiatives, and recommendations, following up on their implementation, in addition to launching a new generation of legislative and procedural reforms.”

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