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Saudi Startup Talent Attracts Top Investors

Itmam Updates:

The competitive recruitment landscape between big corporates and start-ups continues to grow. Start-ups from across the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) had raised nearly $375 million in a month.
Working for a start-up will enable you to understand how the company works and develops commercial insight not expected of you when lower down in corporate structures.
Being a start-up team member comes with many responsibilities. No matter what your position is, your work will affect the company’s growth and success – and so this will make you feel like the job you’re doing is a huge motivation.
Due to their smaller size, start-ups tend to foster a collaborative environment that encourages people to serve on tasks outside of their original remit.
Start-ups often favor a fluid structure over a rigid corporate-inspired hierarchy, enabling open discussion and cooperation between all team members.
This multicultural environment can open your mind beyond work and tasks. It also leads employees to have a global vision.
The diversity of tasks allows you to develop new skills very quickly. You will also learn directly from senior employees.
Start-ups are a priceless opportunity when you are in the early steps of your career. It will keep you encouraged in your day-to-day role and allow you to discover your best.
Start-ups are different from traditional businesses as they ground on disruptive innovation, created to address a perceived ‘problem’ in the market.
Joining a start-up means adopting an ‘out of the box’ mindset -an ability to think and get creative ideas with smaller budgets and fewer resources.

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