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Saudi Authorities issue consumer-protection law

Itmam Updates:

The kingdom of Saudi Arabic issued a new draft of consumer protection recently. The law will ensure a successful experience for the consumer and operator.
The provisions of the law apply to the contracts ceased with customers, whether they are model versions prepared by the operator or specially negotiated.
The operator shall explain the terms, conditions, and information about the product or service provided.
The contract should indicate the following: Descriptions and characteristics of the product or service, the economic operator’s identification data, the contact information of the economic operator, the price of the product or service, and the terms of payment, delivery, and execution.
In terms of exchange and return, the contract must state the conditions for the installation, use, and maintenance of the product. It should also clarify the risks of using the product or service (if any) and ways to prevent, reduce or eliminate them.
It is not allowed to include an unfair condition in a contract between the economic operator and the consumer. Any unfair condition will be considered invalid.
In the case of organizing competitions, the operator must acquire a license from the capable authorities to organize or advertise such contests. Operators are not allowed to place competition vouchers inside a product, nor can they require the purchase of a product or service as a requirement for participation in the competition. They are also prohibited from raising the prices of products or services related to competition while it is running.
As for discounts, such offers may be conducted provided they do not implicate any misleading practices, per the provisions of the regulations of this law. Moreover, operators must follow the conditions and controls specified in regulations when announcing such discount campaigns.

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