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KSA: Enforcement achieved many digital milestones in 2021

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said that the enforcement sector recorded excellent progress in 2021 in terms of digital transformation.

The enforcement e-system (Tanfith) was launched at enforcement courts to improve efficiency and save clients time and effort.

The courts received over 800,000 applications that were processed fully electronically. This move reduced the procedural steps and consolidated five operating systems into a single system with interactive tools.
Another effective digital solution was the Nafith enforcement platform. “Nafith” allows individuals and corporations to create, save, and securely manage enforcement instruments.

The new platform served over 666,000 clients in issuing over 1.5 million enforcement instruments.
The judicial e-auction platform achieved a worth mentioning success, as it registered sales worth SR2.86 billion through 950 auctions and over 18,000 registered bidders.

In 2021, Saudi enforcement courts undertook over 500 applications of the enforcement of foreign rulings, and local and foreign arbitration awards worth SR2.7 billion (nearly $640 million) in total.

Moreover, the enforcement courts received over 165,000 rental (Ejar) e-leases as enforcement instruments through direct e-filing without requiring litigation.

Regarding family cases, the 55 custody and visitation centers (under shaml initiative) enabled the implementation of child custody and visitation rulings across the Kingdom and extended over 236,000 services to over 40,000 clients.

This initiative won a national award in 2021 among 57 participating government institutions.

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