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KSA: Draft law to ‘Protect flag, emblem and national anthem’

Saudi Shoura Council approves draft law to protect the Saudi flag, emblem, and national anthem. The proposed draft will now go to the Saudi Cabinet for approval.
Saudi Arabia’s flag law dates back to 1973, but there is no law regarding the use of the royal emblem or anthem.

The new draft law will target any misuse of the kingdom’s flag, emblem, or national anthem.
Maj. Gen. Ali M. Al-Asiri, head of the council security and military committee, declared that “The proposed amendment designed to unify regulations regarding the use of the Kingdom’s flag, emblem, and national anthem.”

The committee “set clear determinants for the use of the flag, emblem, and national anthem,” Al-Asiri said.

He also said that the proposed system emphasizes “protecting the flag, especially from tampering and neglect.”

He added that the amendment will help to “fill the legislative gap for the national anthem in a manner that ensures the creation of a clear legislative reference for conformity, and the specific framework for any future amendments.”

The proposed law also protects the Saudi emblem by “accounting and punishing perpetrators of infringement or neglect, and addressing the societal practices of using the state emblem as a trademark or for commercial purposes or for any purpose other than what laid out in the draft law amendment.”
The proposal sets clear definitions of the kingdom’s flag, emblem, or national anthem. It also defines the framework of use.

The implementation of the new regulations will be supervised by the Ministry of Interior and the Bureau of Experts.

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