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200 online stores referred to Violations Committee

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce has referred 200 online stores to the E-Commerce Violations Committee to impose legal penalties on them as they violated the compliance standards for e-commerce reliability.

The E-Commerce Council has announced the obligation of e-stores to implement 13 standards that they must provide for the reliability in e-commerce, which are:

1 – Contact phone number.

2 – E-mail.

3 – Instant chat.

4 – A reliable e-payment feature

5 – It is necessary to enable the consumer to file a complaint on the store’s website.

6 – Enabling consumers to file a complaint through social media.

7 – E-stores must disclose the exact time to respond to consumer complaints.

8 – It is necessary to disclose the exact time for processing the submitted complaint.

9 – E-stores must disclose the exact delivery time before completing the purchase process, and indicate it in the invoice.

10 – E-stores must provide the Arabic language in the complaint mechanism.

11 – The usage of the Arabic language in instant chats is important to communicate with consumers.

12 – Product labels must be displayed in Arabic.

13 – E-stores must provide a clear, written policy for exchanges and returns.

The Ministry of Commerce noted that the e-commerce system and its executive regulations stipulate penalties for violating stores as follows: A fine of up to SR1 million, blocking and closing the site that committed the violation, and prohibition from carrying out the activity.

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