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Company Formation

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We assist both local, foreign and mixed ownership investors with the company establishment and licencing process.

Avoid the headache and preparation of extensive paperwork with our automated document process and learn the steps required to get your company moving forward.

Begin your company establishment process online through our website.

I want to

Register a company

Register a company

Reserve a company name

Reserve a company name

Register a trademark

Register a trademark

Why should you start your company with us?

We remove the inconvenience and hassle

The advanced technology in our online platform performs many of the mundane documentation tasks and allows you to create and automate establishment documents in a single place.


When you need your main documents like shareholders agreements, articles of association or commercial contracts, just log into our platform through your PC or mobile and everything is ready to be viewed, edited or shared.

Establishing a business can be difficult. We simplify the process for you with step-by-step tasks for you to complete yourself that are easy to follow.


Our documents use simple language and unnecessary legal terms. We are. We ask you short and simple bite sized questions to prepare the required documents and get the information we need so that you can focus on what matters most.

Simple and straight forward
Connecting you to our partners

We recognize that on occasion you may need specialist assistance outside of our platform.

While we are not a law firm and we do not provide legal services, we are partnered with licensed law firms that can provide you with more advanced support on legal matters.

Our partner firms generally provide discounted rates for our members.

We do not charge you for this service and we do not take any commission from the law firms we connect you with.

Register a company in Saudi Arabia

  • Create your establishment documents
  • Create your constitutional documents
  • Obtain a foreign investment license (foreign owned companies)
  • Obtain a commercial registration

Reserve a company name

  • Create your reservation documents
  • Check availability of the name
  • Reserve the name

Register a trademark

  • Create your trademark licensing agreement
  • Register your trademark
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